Is this a taxi service?

No, Minor PickUps is not a taxi service. We are similar to Uber or Lfyt, however we provide prearranged private and ride-share services exclusively for K-12 students.

Where is your office located?

We are a home-based business and have no physical office location, because of this we can provide you with affordable rates. We can however schedule a meet and greet in your home (or location of your choosing) at your convenience.

How do I sign up for services?
If Minor PickUps sounds like it's what you have been looking for then simply: 

  • Submit the inquiry request form 
  • Within 12-24 hours we will call and/or schedule an in-home consultation to answer any questions.
  • Once terms are agreed,  you simply pay the registration fee within 24 hrs to secure a spot.  
  • You notify your child’s school that they are riding with Minor PickUps. (if necessary)
  • We take a photograph of your child for identification purposes .
  • After that services will begin on the desired date and time - It's as simple as that! 

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes,  when signing up for services you sign a transportation agreement which authorizes Minor PickUps to pick up your child (some schools require this in order to release your child).

How do I make payments and when are they due?
When you enroll in our services you must sign up for automatic payments - your payments are then deducted either biweekly or monthly.

Do you offer any discounts? 
Discounts available for weekly, monthly and siblings (multi-riders in the same households) riders. 

Is there a discount for school closures or holidays? 

For weekly school closure like Thanksgiving and Spring Break we charge a 'seat-saver fee' which is 50% of your normal weekly rate - this fee reserves your child's seat and ensures continual service. However, we do not charge during the Christmas break because we are closed from December 25th-January 5th. 

​​​What happens when there is inclement weather?

Your child’s safety is our top priority so when icy conditions exist, we proceed with extreme caution. If conditions worsen after students arrive at their pick-up location, we'll attempt to pick your student up and take him/her to the prearranged destination. We monitor local news channels and radio stations for school cancellations and delayed starts. This improves passenger safety in the event adverse weather conditions occur during evening or early morning hours. As news comes in, we keep parents informed of any changes to their regular transportation schedule. However, if it becomes necessary to pick your student up earlier than scheduled then parents must contact us and their child's school to coordinate new, earlier pick-up times. 

What if I need to make changes to pick-up or drop-off times?
​All change requests must be submitted in writing via email, 24 hrs in advance to ensure changes can be accommodated. If change request can be accommodated you will receive a confirmation that your request has been processed. However, in the event, a change request cannot be accommodated you will be notified immediately to make alternate arrangements.
​​Can I pick when my child is dropped off? 
The goal is to get riders to their destinations as quickly as possible based on distance; so we cannot accommodate specific time requests or allow riders to stay on-board until a parent or guardian arrives home.  

​​​How do I cancel services?
Both parties reserve the right to terminate transportation agreement at any time, subject to a one-week prior written notification. To cancel services, you must send a written request to, you will receive a cancellation confirmation.  If you do not give us the one-week notice you will be responsible for a termination fee equivalent to your weekly rate.

Please note that Minor PickUps also reserves the right to terminate services for non-payment, late payments, no-shows, or failure to adhere to terms as indicated in the transportation agreement.

Schedule today: Call us at (214) 923-7073
Hours of operation:   Monday-Friday 7am-7pm & Saturday 9am-3pm​​